Fabric Painting Tips !

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Fabric Painting Tips !

Tricks to paint all fabric-based media. T-shirt painting can using textile paint. Textile paint can be used to paint all kinds of fabrics. Able to paint all kind of fabric products.

Tips How to paint on fabric:
– If painting is on dark and absorber fabric, after sketch pencil and then block all areas of the drawing with white paint textile paint and let its dry, after dry you can start painting with color fabric paint, the results of the paintings are bright.
– Flush brush should be short hair, for example brush Eterna brand, brush hair is cut
about half a cent and then trim using a cutter knife. The point when painting the fabric will be neat, especially to make the gradation of painting.
– If painting on cloth, you must stretched the fabric using a wooden frame or frame usualy making for embroidery, or use a modificate frame likea frame for painting canvas. Especially painted on soft fabric, and when you are painting it soft fabric, there is no touch behind the image, so as not to damage the results of painting.
– If painted a thick fabric, can use a plywood mat. can also use cardboard, but the cloth is coated with cardboard so that the paint does not penetrate attached to the cardboard, or part
back of shirt or cloth.
– Water-based textile paints, can be diluted with water if necessary.

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– Finishing painting, dry it for about half an hour, depending on the weather.
– Treatment, the results of the painting should be ironed from the back of the painting.
– Washing, free with detergent can also, should not be rough to wash the painting part.
– Textile Paintings will not fade, and the results of the annual painting will be durable undamaged.

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Happy painting.

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