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Fabric Painting Course

We are ready to work together to help you develop your skills and skills in the field of fabric painting. Organizing courses both individually and in groups. And teach various kinds of painting techniques that can be tailored to the needs and plans for developing your business. There have been thousands of participants who participated in our training activities and began to develop painting business. Hopefully we can help more and work together in developing business ideas about crafts and painting.

E1Creative Painting and Craft Course. E1 CREATIVE conducts textile painting courses for groups and individuals. Teaching various techniques of fabric painting, types of fabric, and using several types of paint for textiles that are different from each other. With the aim so that the course participants can paint on a variety of textile-based products. Painting cloth is easy, sure anyone can. Don’t have to have great talent to paint. Only patience is needed, and enthusiasm to continue to practice and have work. Painting on textiles Can be for businesses or hobbyists.

pelatihan lukis kain di sekolah smk 3 tangerang


1. Techniques for making patterns / sketches using a pencil
2. Grading techniques using a pencil
3. The technique of painting using a pencil
4. Painting techniques using colored pencils
5. Painting techniques using poster paint
6. Painting techniques using watercolors

1. Painting techniques using textile paint
2. The outline / gutta technique uses textile paint
3. Painting techniques using textile paint arise
4. Transfer techniques using synthetic paint
5. The outline / gutta technique uses silk paint
6. Painting techniques with thickener using silk paint

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Some techniques for painting cloth above only a few summarized materials are brief. With the aim that the course participants quickly absorb the lesson. But besides the material above there are still many lessons that can be given. If you have more time, you can attend more complete lessons for up to 20 meetings. It is intended that in addition to students recognizing cloth painting, they also become experts in painting and can draw with quality paintings that can be proud of.


Drawing paper
HB pencil, 2B, 4B
Colored pencils
Poster paint
Tissue / lap

Fabric / product to be painted
Brush several types and sizes
Fabric paint
Colored pencils
Straight pin
Tissue / lap
Water container
Motive design
Hair dryer

The equipment and equipment used to paint on each technique are different. It is expected that participants bring all the equipment needed during the course according to the technique being studied. The equipment is the basic equipment for learning to paint cloth. Apart from the above, there are still a few more tools used to paint professionally.

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You can learn it, see and practice it directly when visiting our painting studio. Learn directly in depth working on orders for our customers. But of course with the condition that you have met the criteria for painting quality standards that we apply.

painting class on fabric, t-shirt painting class

MM CRAFT & E1CREATIVE Fabric Painting Course

We also organize Group training courses and can work with, Institutions, Social, Schools, etc. Once held a group course in collaboration with: – Bank Indonesia Women’s Darma – Menkopolhukam Darma Wanita – Darma Wanita Bank BRI – Pondok Kopi PKK – Banten High Prosecutor’s Women’s Darma – Fatmawati PKK – Tangerang Women’s Prison (Penitentiary) – Female Air Force Dharma Wisdom – Bekasi Independent Vocational School – Some Exhibition Events – Anak Langit Studio Group – etc.

Has a teaching team of more than ten people who have years of experience painting. The number of teaching teams will be adjusted to the number of students participating in the study. The more number of participants, we will increase the number of teachers in each cloth painting course. Always ready to cooperate in advancing the creations of painting and crafts. Please contact us at the contact number available on this website. Greetings from art and culture.

Hubungi E1Creative untuk info kursus lukis kain: 089637776669

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