Fabric Painting Course, Sure You Can, Training for Individuals and Groups

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Individual and Group Fabric Painting Courses

It has been around ten years for us to teach cloth painting in various places. And hundreds of people have studied, both general people and students. sometimes holding groups and many also private. Group painting training can be carried out on request. Can choose material and number of training sessions. For example, only choosing Paint Textile Painting Technique and Embossed Paint Painting Technique. We are ready to cooperate with various agencies and schools. Costs can be discussed later, because the cost depends on the package taken and the equipment obtained by the participant. So that it can adjust the budget.

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There are so many students who have succeeded in increasing their painting skills even from zero who have never and cannot paint, then with perseverance, are able to produce good paintings. It can even be sold and made into a business. Indeed, the main purpose of this course is in addition to developing hobbies, as well as being able to be a promising business, both main and just a side.

We organize group training courses and can work with, institutions, social, school, etc.

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Have held group courses in collaboration with:

– Darma Wanita Bank Indonesia
– Darma Wanita Menkopolhukam
– Darma Wanita Bank BRI
– PKK Pondok Kopi
– Darma Wanita Banten Prosecutor’s Office
– PKK Fatmawati
– Women’s Prison Tangerang (Penitentiary)
– Dharma Wanita Air Force
– Al Hikmah High School
– Bekasi Independent Vocational School
– Several Exhibition Events
– Sanggar Anak Langit Group
– etc

fabric painting class in indonesia




1. Techniques for making patterns / sketches using a pencil

2. Grading techniques using a pencil

3. The technique of painting using a pencil

4. Painting techniques using colored pencils

5. Painting techniques using poster paint

6. Painting techniques using watercolors

This basic level painting lesson is designed to improve the ability to paint from those who have not even been able to paint or draw even though they will be able to take part in the material and become painters who are able to produce good paintings.

pelatihan lukis kain di indonesia


1. Painting techniques using textile paint

2. The outline / gutta technique uses textile paint

3. Painting techniques using textile paint arise

4. Transfer techniques using synthetic paint

5. The outline / gutta technique uses silk paint

6. Painting techniques with thickener using silk paint

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Keeping the Spirit of Learning to Painting and Keep Working painting class kursus lukis kain jilbab kaos sepatu baju

Continuing the elementary level, the next level has begun to practice various techniques of painting on cloth. These techniques are arranged based on the number of types of fabric and the type of painting paint that can be used to create fabric painting designs.

Basically there are many more materials that we teach. For the above material, it represents quite a few core lessons to be able to become the basic capital in exploring the art of painting on cloth.


We also made a full 20-day meeting of cloth painting program. This program is designed to create artists who are capable of working. What is certain is not only being able to paint, but also good and not disappointing the results of painting. Because we use the standard training of painter training to work in our company, which is minimal training in painting and producing 20 days must be able to.

In the program also added the term apprenticeship working on the orders we received. So with the hope that convinced that every participant who participates in this program is able to work and independently develop the business of cloth painting.

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