Fabric Painting Courses

pelatihan lukis kain kelompok

Fabric Painting Course By E1Creative

Painting is indeed a hobby for many people. But there are also many who rely on their lives from doing business or creating paintings. Painting itself is very broad in its fields, starting from the art of canvas painting, design for clothing, interior, etc. People who can draw professionally are indeed very rare, so that whenever artists paint or designers will still be needed and become a promising job to pursue.

MM CRAFT & E1 CREATIVE held a FABRIC PAINTING COURSE for individuals and groups. Teaches various fabric painting techniques, on various types of fabric, and uses different types of fabric paint. With the aim that the course participants can paint on a variety of fabric-based products. Painting cloth is easy, anyone can do it. You don’t have to be talented in painting. It only takes patience, patience and enthusiasm to continue to practice and work. Painting on cloth Can be for business. Or just a leisure time hobby.

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We also organize group training courses and can work with, Darma Wanita, Institutions, Institutions, PKK, Social, Schools, etc. For this activity, it can be arranged according to the needs of training providers, such as offices or public. With a choice of free or complete material some painting techniques are studied. And also with flexible time, how many meetings will you learn to paint.

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Have held group courses in collaboration with:

– Darma Wanita Bank Indonesia
– Darma Wanita Menkopolhukam
– Darma Wanita Bank BRI
– PKK Pondok Kopi
– Darma Wanita Banten Prosecutor’s Office
– PKK Fatmawati
– Women’s Prison Tangerang (Penitentiary)
– Dharma Wanita Air Force
– Al Hikmah High School
– Bekasi Independent Vocational School
– Several Exhibition Events
– Sanggar Anak Langit Group
– etc

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And there are still a lot of training courses in other places that we haven’t mentioned one by one.

Fabric Painting Course


1. Painting techniques using textile paint

2. The outline / gutta technique uses textile paint

3. Painting techniques using textile paint arise

4. Transfer techniques using synthetic paint

5. The outline / gutta technique uses silk paint

6. Painting techniques with thickener using silk paint

The painting technique above is only a part or some of the material we teach. There are still many lessons that can be learned because of the large number of fabric-based products, as well as the variety of types of fabrics that vary. So that it creates a different way of painting for each product and type of fabric.

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