Learn to Paint Veils and Bags

fabric painting class in indonesia

Mistress of Sulawesi PKK Members Learn to Paint Veils and Bags at the Central Jakarta TPPKK Office

Exciting activities to learn hijab painting with ladies and gentlemen, PKK members from Sulawesi. Quite a lot of participants who learned about this cloth painting, there were about fifteen people.

Already with intention and enthusiasm to come directly to Jakarta and learn to make cloth painting products that are practiced on hijab media and bags.

With the hope that in the future this cloth painting can be developed in their respective regions. Because this craft is still very rare in the area. Maybe besides the lack of teachers who can train, it is also difficult to find equipment to support their production.

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For equipment, usually it is still imported from Jakarta or Java. Evidently there are many orders of fabric paints and equipment to us to be sent to various regions in Indonesia.

With the increasing number of our customers in the area outside Java island proves that this painting has increasingly developed. And more and more craftsmen or artists are involved in this business.

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Thus we feel proud as the instructors in this special field of fabric painting. And manufacturers that are specialized in producing MM Brand Textile Fabric Paints of the highest quality and trusted and used by artists throughout Indonesia. Because of the rapidly growing number and variety of products produced by artists. So this cloth painting is increasingly known in various circles.

Keep on going Indonesian creative arts.

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