Let’s develop the talents and hobbies of our children


Developing Children’s Talents and Hobbies

Now maybe this is what is called by the saying “Fruit falls not far from the tree”. If the father is a picture artisan, his son will automatically be happy and hobby of pictures. Actually maybe not so. His name is also a child, what he sees will be imitated. Well, if you are a painter, he sees painting every day, so the art soul will automatically grow.

This must also apply or occur in all children. For example, his parents are singing or music artists hobbies, every day singing and playing music, then by itself also a child will pay attention to the daily activities of his parents. And of course also will imitate and try, so that the talent easily decreases to the child.

Do other talents or hobbies also apply? Yes, of course, especially if it’s done continuously by parents. Like for example the hobby of diligently working in crafts, hobbies in gardening, hobbies of cooking, fishing hobbies, and others. Surely his talent will decrease for children.

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lomba melukis kaos anak-anak

Talent and Hobby of Parents to Children

Indeed, basically each person will find their own fun and hobbies. However, declining talent is always visible. Can you do that? Yes, that’s how I explained him. Incidentally, I am personally including those who accept painting talent, because my father, aka my grandfather, is also a painting artist and designer batik textile. Well, it’s been down two generations. Even you, exactly the younger brother, my father is a painter and designer. Tu added the proof. Maybe for example from a family of musicians, artists, artists, racers, craftsmen, farmers, doctors, architects, and so on, even so, most or little knowledge and talent will certainly be absorbed by a child.

My brother is also a pretty great painter, even from the age of kindergarten and elementary school level I once won a provincial painting competition. It’s true that his talent is declining.

Creative education and hobbies for children since childhood do need to be fostered so that when adults become creative, intelligent, and resourceful people. Because by running a hobby since childhood, you will train your physical abilities and brain to balance solving various problems faced, such as the process of running those hobbies that require instinct and focus and reason to produce something.

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melukis kaos bersama anak-anak

Fun Painting with Kids

Come on, we are diligent in playing and learning with children, even though it is our job, so just follow it. Sometimes it’s a little annoying or annoying, but if we give the same tools to our work, finally he gets busy himself too. As the example of the photo above, he is busy himself too.

Now that’s the activity of a painter with his child. Yes, not far away, of course, about painting too.
Thank you, if someone is willing to read this diagrams.
Hopefully there are benefits.
Is there a huh? Hopefully.
The spirit of advancing continues to be the creative generation of Indonesian children.

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