Painting Training at the School of Cultural Arts Practice

pelatihan lukis kain kelompok sekolah

School Veil Painting Training

Fabric Painting Training With a total of 150 participants. Extracurricular training or activities are held to enhance students’ creativity and skills. There are so many benefits from this activity, besides being in addition to practical material on Arts and Culture subjects, school students are also introduced to the field of business or fabric painting business. Which can increase the spirit and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship since young and even teenagers.

Indeed, that is the main purpose of this cloth painting practice. In addition, students can have fun by doing drawing tasks on cloth media such as hoods, bags, t-shirts, etc., also can develop talent and hobbies that will definitely be useful for the future. Because by introducing this line of business, it will also provide enthusiasm for entrepreneurship from a young age.

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It does not have to be a fabric painting businessman, but as an opening thought that to start a business does not have to have big capital like the minds of some people. Because this field even has only a small capital of less than one million rupiah, it can start. Yes, that is the importance of the practice of fabric painting.

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In harmony with fission and the mission of the school is to develop intellectuals and talents and interests of students in designing a bright future. Learn and try many things as capital that can open the mind of the importance of being a successful and useful person for family, homeland and nation. A very noble ideal that must be directed since youth so that it is achieved to be a successful, virtuous and noble person.

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pelatihan lukis kain di sekolah smk 3 tangerang

MM CRAFT Open opportunities for collaboration with Mr / Mrs Cultural Arts Teachers to practice the practice of Fabric Painting in Schools from kindergarten, elementary and high school levels. MM CRAFT can only provide equipment and paint, It can also be called as a Trainer to teach Kain Art directly to students. MM CRAFT has collaborated with SMU Middle Schools several times in JABOTABEK even outside the region.

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