Veil Painting Course at Bank Indonesia Keeps It Excited


Hijab Veil Fabric Painting Course

FABRIC PAINTING COURSE Is Held Again with Darma Wanita BANK INDONESIA. Which was held on Thursday, May 31, 2012. The 2nd batch of Fabric Painting Course, after being successfully held with a total of 20 participants.

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We do routine painting courses in various places in collaboration with several offices, institutions, agencies, both government and private. Teaches many techniques and materials in the fields of arts and crafts. We can do training for all regions of Indonesia, but sometimes it is constrained by the high costs of accommodation. But it does not rule out the possibility that we are ready to be invited and cooperate in conducting courses in the area. We are ready to help with enthusiasm to advance the creativity of Indonesian arts and crafts.

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With the increasing amount of training that we do, hopefully it can increase business opportunities and reduce unemployment. And can train production and sales to improve the family economy. It could be that initially only as part of a job interrupted by busyness, as time went on sales increased and the small business customers of the family. And in the end it can support the joint life and economy of the family and become the core work, it can even employ people around to help with production work.

Indeed, time travel for maturing the ability to paint can be quite slow, but with persistent enthusiasm and confidence, you can become an expert in this field of arts and crafts. Thus, the main goal of each of our training is to empower business opportunities from within the family will be achieved, because more and more students are diligent and successful.

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Please you can read many articles written on this website that discuss a lot of things about the art of culture and business around creative business. Not only about cloth painting, but many we try to share as additional information that is useful for your inspiration in creating.

We Are Ready To Work Together With Agencies, Institutions, Schools, Social, etc. To Organize GROUP CLOTH PAINTING COURSES.

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