Painting T-Shirt By OC Clothing

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OC Clothing Painting Shirt with MM Textile Paint

One more thing we will make a review of painting t-shirts that have excellent works. This painter has collaborated with us to provide painting paints that are MM brand paints. Images made also depend on market demand in this case custom orders according to the tastes of the buyer, it will be tried as best as possible to realize the order image.

Many themes are ordered because people will have different ideas and tastes or hobbies. There are orders towards cartoon or animated figures, there are requests for film-themed designs, there are also themes of idol artists, famous figures, singers, movie stars, as well as many customers from fans of soccer clubs, as well as fans of certain music groups. Everything can be realized into a painting on a painting shirt.

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Here are some of the paintings from OC Clothing Distro that we show:

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The results of the paintings on the shirts are really neat and nice. Not only is the painting good but the paint is also good. Use high quality MM textile paint, so as not to disappoint the customer. The picture above shows a white and black painted painting. For black or dark colored t-shirts there is a separate trick to painting it. Textile MM Paint can be used to paint dark-colored cauliflower. The method is based on the white T-shirt paint, white paint. After dry white paint, the paint starts as usual with color.

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Cool painting t-shirts are painted using painting paints, textile brand MM, with beautiful paintings, do not fade. Can order motifs according to your wishes on OC Clothing Distro. Exclusive painting shirts with your own design choices. Which is definitely different from the others. Material for limited 20 edition combat 20s Painting Shirts. Made only one according to customer order. Painted Using Textile Fabric Painting MM. Suitable for gifts or gifts. Unique design on the painting shirt.


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