Painting on Cloth with a Butterfly Motif

butterfly and roses fabric painting design

Painting a Butterfly Design Picture

To paint on cloth there are so many design ideas that can be applied, most of them are still around flowers. Whether it’s a flower picture similar to the original or also ornament or batik. Floral-themed motifs dominate the design of the image.

There is one design that is also quite a favorite, namely a butterfly image. The motif can stand alone like for example the painting of many butterflies flying in all areas of the image. Or also the butterfly motif is only a complementary jewelery in a painting. Back again, so the main design is flowers that attract the attention of the butterfly to alight.

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To be able to draw fauna such as butterflies is indeed more difficult than painting flora such as flowers and trees. Need extra training to be able to become proficient at making the design. Because there are also so many types of butterflies that exist and all are beautiful, it is certain that you will not run out of ideas to be creative with the theme.

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The theme of butterfly painting is suitable to be applied to fashion designs worn by girls, young women, even adult women. But it seems less suitable for men, but it does not rule out the possibility of men using the design by being packaged in a design that remains masculine, for example, an ornamental black bow all in black.

Here are some examples of the application of butterfly motifs:

melukis kaos anak-anak gambar kupu-kupu cantik pakai cat tekstil mm melukis tas kanvas belacu pakai cat lukis kain tekstil mm gambar kupu-kupu kain lukis pakai cat tekstil mm gambar kupu-kupu dan bunga crisant

The examples of the above paintings are only a little as our inspiration in making high-quality works. Every artist has a different style of flow and creative habits. Then there will be a lot of creations that can be produced with the idea of drawing butterflies.

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The additional inspiration for you I try to present is some pictures of beautiful butterflies. A little more can add ideas and examples to draw.

Here’s the picture:

melukis kupu-kupu batik diatas media kain sutra pakai cat lukis silk mmmelukis menggambar kupu-kupu dikain pakai cat tekstil mm

The beautiful, colorful colors of beautiful creatures created by God Almighty and the unique and different shapes of each butterfly give rise to high imagination in expression. Providing unlimited inspiration to create a creative creation that makes priceless art and craft work.

Continue to work incessantly Indonesian artists.

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