Orchid Fabric Painting Designs for Women’s Fashion Clothing

orchid fabric painting design

Painting Orchid Flowers

Fabric painting can be applied to all media or fabric-based products. It can also be applied to all types of fabrics, both natural fiber and synthetic fibers, ranging from cotton fabrics, chifon, organdy, calico, silk, etc.

This time E1 CREATIVE presents a variety of orchid flower motifs painted on various types of fabrics. The painting uses Paint Paint Textile type MM brand, which is guaranteed painting durable durable, resistant to washing, does not break, does not fade, not stiff and comfortable to wear.

The beauty of various types of orchids provides a very broad inspiration, and the design motif can be modified at will so as to produce beautiful paintings. So that gives the impression of tenderness, elegance, luxury, and confidence for users of orchid motif paintings.

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We have put a lot of orchid paintings on clothes for women. Even some fashion designers who work with us very much create fashion works with the touch of beautiful orchid motifs that we make. Creations combined with charming and elegant fashion designs can be proud of during the fashion show.

We do prioritize quality in paintings, not only in terms of the high quality paint used, namely our fabric painting paint brand MM, also the quality of paintings that are not made carelessly, because we have quality standards that we apply to all artists who help work in our art gallery. Each painting will go through the stage of quality control and checking every detail, adding and perfecting each painting is important to ensure the satisfaction of every customer who will produce clothes.

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Because the trustworthiness of customers or work partners is the most valuable thing and we maintain. The focus is to create every work of high value, not ordinary, or good, but must achieve maximum value and perfect in terms of the beauty and quality of painting supporting painting.

The more orchids produced, but each orchid will have its own soul and uniqueness. Because the paintings we make are always exclusive and different from one another. That way the value of each painting outfit produced will be very high, making the wearer’s happiness and self-confidence increase.

Continue to work Indonesian artists.

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