Painting Tips Using Textile Paint

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Tips for painting using Textile paint

Textile paint can be used for painting all types of fabric. Can paint all products made from fabric.

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– If painting in dark color and
highly absorbent, after sketching
pencil then blocked all fields
picture in white, dry it,
just started painting with color. Order results
bright paintings.
– Brushes that are flat type should feather
short, for example using a brand brush
Eterna, the hair brush is cut and left
about half a centimeter, then trim
with cutter. The point is when painting cloth
will be neater, especially to make
– If the painting is thin, you should
stretched using a trial
for embroidery, or using
frames like canfas frames for
stretch cloth. Its function is so
paintings are thinner in design, and when painting
no touch on the back,
also does not damage the painting.
– If you paint thick cloth, you can
use a plywood base. Can
also use cardboard, but coated with cloth
the cardboard so that the paint is not translucent
stick to cardboard, or parts
behind a shirt or shirt.
– Water-based Textile Paint, can be diluted
with water if needed.
– Finishing of paintings, Enough to dry up to
dry about half an hour, depending
– Care, the results of paintings are ironed
preferably from behind the painting section.
– Washing, free of detergent too
may, should not be roughed in parts
– Paint Textile paintings will not fade,
and the annual painting results are not

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