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scarf painting

Painting headscarves

For those of you who want to do a business of painting hoods, you can start by trying to make or paint your own hood for sale. If you have never or cannot paint before, then you should be able to start by learning to draw on the hijab, try to learn for yourself as best you can. If you feel you are not satisfied with the results of his paintings, you can deepen your knowledge of painting by taking a course or training.

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By first learning the ins and outs of the art of painting on cloth, either self-taught or taking a painting course, then you will easily promote and sell your products. Because customers who believe in your ability and the quality of goods sold.

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In the video above a little is shown the way and process of painting on a veil. Indeed the appearance of the design looks complicated, but it certainly can be learned until it can follow to make good paintings. For headscarves, we often see simple pictures adorned with blank sheets of hijab. So even though the capital of the ability to paint is still minimal, it is still possible to start producing paintings. Just make sure your paintings are neat and worth selling.

Compare the results of your paintings with those of others, so that they can be used as a reference in continuing the business opportunity to paint headscarves.

And the next addition is that you can find other artists who produce similar crafts. Can work together to develop a hijab painting business together, or can also ask for help in helping the production of painting if there have been many orders. Also if there are friends of other artists, it can be used as inspiration and encouragement to advance your creativity in work.

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Production of painting headscarves. Which is painted using MM fabric paint brand. 3 types of paint used are:
textile, textile embossed, silk.
Which each produces a different type of painting. So that it can adjust to your taste.

scarf painting



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