Some Picture Cloth Paintings Enchanting Natural Scenery

lukisan pemandangan alam pantai senja dengan pohon kelapa dan kura-kura

Some Examples of Fabric Paintings for Clothes with Themes of Natural Scenery Beauty Motifs

This is the super cool extraordinary painting series that we made. Beautiful panorama of natural scenery such as mountains, sea, coral, beaches are not only good for paintings on canvas media. Try to let friends see our works below. It will definitely add to our inspiration to work on creating beautiful paintings.
Please enjoy.

Well that’s one of his paintings. Landscape scenery of seafront beach with waving coconut trees, plus beautiful rocks and scallops. Plus warm sunshine bonuses shine. With the waves that break the silence. And the main focus of this painting is a tortoise turtle who is resting on the beach. It is a pleasure to see the beauty of the creator’s creation.

This one is also amazingly beautiful. Steady. As if we are in the mountains, while enjoying the fresh mountain air that is clean and cool far from air pollution. Imagine right. Also beautiful clothes painted in mountain scenery like this. Not just a picture book just kindergarten and elementary school children that have pictures of the mountain. Hehe. Paintings for clothes can also be nice and interesting to paint in natural scenes like this.

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Well, if this one is even cooler. Painting a fresh underwater scenery, complete with small fish, colorful corals, sharks as well, plus clown fish aka nemo fish. A group of small fish marched to dance in formation. Fresh to see this scene. As if we dived in the depths of the sea surrounded by beautiful fish and with a little anxiety because there are ferocious sharks that roam around us. Hehe. How come there are no young daughters? This beautiful view of the beach at dusk. With the color of the sky reddening orange and the clouds that tinge orange yellow, also the color of the sea of yellow gold. Enjoy the beauty of this natural beauty. And do not forget the pebbles and starfish as well as shells surrounding a turtle that is relaxing on the beach. Imagine if we lay on this beautiful beach under a palm tree waving in the wind. Very fun. Wow, it’s accompanied by a turtle too.

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This is just an inspiration for all of us to start a business or fabric painting business. There are so many ideas around us that can be good if we realize them in our paintings. The above example above makes us more interested in pursuing this field of fabric painting.


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