The Works of Our Friends, Painting T-Shirt Gallery 66

t-shirt painting unique


We continue to consistently display the works of our friends, artists, to study cloth paintings. Many variations that they make have different types of painting or flow characters. This time, what I present is a painting made by a group of young people with a brand of Painting Shirt 66. The paintings are unique and neatly done. Don’t disappoint customers, of course. And certainly they paint using high quality MM textile paint.

These creative youngsters began to pursue cloth painting business with their hobbies and experiences in painting on other media such as paper or sometimes making mural paintings on wall. Their artistic talents are honed from endless creations that have been done for a long time, so that they will easily adjust when painting using new painting media, namely t-shirts.

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It is not easy for most people to paint, it is often said that painting requires high talent. But it doesn’t seem like that, talent can be very important, but even more important is making painting a hobby. So with hobbies, learning and pursuing the field of painting will be consistent and can produce results that can be proud of. Because if we work because of a hobby, then surely there will be no boredom in spawning creative ideas.

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It is evident from the many students that painting starts from zero and cannot paint, some even may never touch painting tools such as brushes and painting paints. But with high enthusiasm and continuing to try to make this painting a priceless hobby and personal pleasure, it will clearly show the development of abilities and expertise in painting. Trying and doing business from a hobby is certainly very fun.

Painting Shirt 66
Painting shirt, Illustration by request. Here are some examples of the t-shirt paintings:

melukis bob marley kaos lukis gambar barong bali


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t-shirt painting unique

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