How to Paint Cloth

lukis kain bunga mawar cara melukis kain pakai cat lukis kain tekstil mm

How to paint on Fabric

The art of painting cloth is actually almost similar to the art of painting on canvas. The difference is that the fabric used is not canvas cloth but ordinary cloth that is used everyday. Basically, all types of fabric can be painted from t-shirts, jeans, rayon to silk.

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Another difference with the art of painting on canvas is the paint used. When painting canvas using oil paint or acrylic paint, paint cloth using paint specifically for textile materials. Although sometimes acrylic paint can be used to paint cloth.

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Before buying special paint for painting cloth, you should first ask about the type of paint you want to buy. But we have Cat Textile products with good quality, soft, supple, not rigid with MM Brands. What you can only get here is through online purchases. Booking call see “Contact Us”.

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The following are the steps for painting cloth:

Prepare the material to be painted.
Sketch the desired image using a pencil.
Give color according to the desired design.
After all the objects have been drawn and colored, give them the outline of the edge of each object. For example drawing the edge of a flower petal. Additional details were also carried out such as details of the pistil and flower stamens, etc.
Iron the object image. To help paint absorb into fabric fibers, so that it does not fade easily when washed.

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