How To Paint Rose Flowers, Designs For Cloth Paintings

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Using Textile fabric paint type MM brand. The results of beautiful paintings with soft and elegant colors. Making painting works has a high selling value. Painting roses does have the highest level of difficulty among other types of flowers. But its beauty always captivates the eye of the beholder. For painting on clothes, especially fashion for women, this type of flower is the number one favorite for his paintings on fashion. Fans of this art craft certainly have a distinctive collection featuring beautiful roses.

For those of you who want to learn to paint roses, here we show our video when making a painting of roses on a blue cloth for a robe. Please watch the video until it’s finished and I’ll try to explain briefly under this youtube video.

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Painting Techniques In Dark Colors Fabric

In the video it appears that the cloth on the shirt is dark blue. And when I painted it felt that the absorbency of the fabric absorbed paint. So the way to paint it is that you first have to give a white paint base to the painting. Give a complete block to all sets of rose motifs with white textile paint. Then let the white paint dry. After the base is dry white, then you start painting with the color you want as usual.

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rose flowers painting design for fabric

Rose Painting Process

Starting your painting is free which one takes precedence. You can start painting the leaves first until you have finished drawing all the leaves, or you can start painting flowers one by one until all of them are finished and then continue to draw the leaves. Use just a small brush when painting flower details, except when blocking the base color you can use a larger brush. Small brushes will make it easier for you to make small details of the painting field. And of course the image will be neater because the brush will be easily directed between the designs of the rose paintings.

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Please follow the video every step by step how to paint it, because the design is made simple but beautiful and easy to follow when learning to paint. Hopefully this time sharing can be beneficial for those of you who started studying painting, especially painting on cloth.

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