How to paint roses on cloth for chiffon shirts

fabric painting rose motif design

How to Paint Roses

Here I show how to paint roses on chifon ceruti cloth for clothes long dress, fashion robe dresses. We present complete with three video series that represent the design of the overall image design. This exercise can be followed by watching this video carefully, drawing roses will be easier if there are examples that can be followed as in this video.

Indeed, to paint this type of flower many people still feel difficulties, but actually everyone can do it, it’s just that they may not have found the right patterns and steps and match the style and habits of painting. This simple video can hopefully help you learn to draw roses.

Please watch one by one step by step every time you paint it:

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In the video above, you can see the sketch of an image directly using white paint. But for those of you who are not used to making sketches directly, you can use a pencil for the sketch. Just started painting as usual.

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Stages of painting gray longdress based on chifon ceruti. With a rose design design in various colors. Follow on series 2 videos:

Painting Roses in the second series above still use the pattern as before by starting to sketch with white paint. Actually we can make a sketch as a whole directly at the beginning before starting to draw. So when it’s started coloring all the designs are ready. But it is different from this video that uses the method of painting to flow without designing sketch patterns first.

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This painting is very beautiful if applied to clothes and others. Rose paintings are always beautiful and will be the center of attention. Advanced video series 3 how to paint rose designs:

Advanced Painting Roses The Rose Flower Painting Series video above the painting process is still exactly the same as starting to make a pattern with white painting paint. Next, just paint like the example above. Painting with varied colors.

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