Let’s Always Keep the Spirit of Learning to Paint

Keeping the Spirit of Learning to Painting and Keep Working painting class kursus lukis kain jilbab kaos sepatu baju

Keeping the Spirit of Learning to Painting and Keep Working

Well here it is. Just like old newspaper news titles. This means that this is beautiful mothers who are still passionate about working. Continue to fill the day and time with positive activities. Last February 4, 2016, we held a training aka a course aka learning to paint cloth at the residence of one of the participants.

Not many people, only six participants. But it still does not reduce the sense of enthusiasm for practice. Still exciting, anyway. Some of them can already be labeled as painters or artists. Because there are already many of their extraordinary works of painting. Lots and beautiful with various kinds of painting flow. But still continue to gain knowledge.

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Come on, bro, don’t want to be beaten by these mothers. Those of us who still feel young must continue to work passionately. Do not give up. The science of painting skills cannot be obtained instantly. It takes time and continuous practice to produce work. Never be satisfied with what we have produced now. So that our ability to paint is getting better and improved.

Painting is sometimes not a natural talent or derivative talent that naturally flows in the blood of the family. Although many people say that painting needs talent. Not really, bro.

Anyone Can Paint

I witnessed myself from teaching to paint tens to hundreds of people who some had never even painted at all. But because of enthusiasm and never giving up to continue learning to paint, in the end I was able to see the very rapid development of my students. More proficient and diligent in producing works that can be hobbies can also be sold.

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Not just bullshit bro. Even some of my students who were not able to paint at all, now painting can already be used as a side business to increase family income.

So there’s no reason to say that we can’t paint. Just need a spirit to continue working so that the abilities and instincts of his art are more honed and increased.

Greetings from MM Craft & E1Creative.

Keeping the Spirit of Learning to Painting and Keep Working

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