MM Textile Paint Brand International Standard Quality

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MM Textile Paint

E1 Creative provides painting paint for various purposes, canvas painting, glass or glass painting, ceramic painting, wooden painting, decoupage, clothes painting, shoe painting, veil painting, veil, t-shirt painting, paper painting, etc. In fact we provide paint or coloring for repaint shoes or re-coloring shoes that are already dull, whether it’s canvas shoes, suede or leather. All types of painting paints of MM brand have very high quality with durable painting results that are not easy to fade. It has been used by many painter artists throughout Indonesia.

cat tekstil mm untukj melukis semua jenis bahan kain

Textile Fabric Paint MM is a special paint for painting all types of fabric-based products. With quality that has been well-known and tested by many cloth painting artists and has proven its quality is equivalent to imported paint. Products that can be painted using MM textile paint include; painting clothes, t-shirts, painting shoes, painting veils, painting bags, painting paintings, painting wallets, painting, headscarves, post-painting shawls, etc.

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Textile Paint MM can be used to paint all types of fabric, so that artists do not need to worry about all the products they will paint. Because guaranteed textile paint MM will glue well on all products from fabric. Guaranteed not to fade or fade even though the painting is often used or washed. The results of his paintings are not rough or stiff so they are comfortable to wear.

1. TEXTILE, for painting all kinds of fabrics, soft results.
2. TEXTILE RELIEF, for painting all types of fabrics, results arise but are not rigid.
3. SILK, to paint silk and all fabrics, the painting is integrated with a very soft cloth.
All types of MM finishing fabric paint only with iron.

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It also provides outliners or gutta which are commonly used to make lines in paintings, especially in silk fabric paintings used to limit silk paint that is not clear because of the watery nature of the coloring.

For this type of textile paint is most widely used to paint various kinds of fabric products, because it can be most flexible for all types of fabrics.

Soft paintings are not rigid.
Can be used to paint a variety of fabric-based products.
Made in Indonesia.

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