MM Textile Paint

mm fabric paint mm textile paint cat lukis kain tekstil mm

MM Textile Paint

We produce high-quality painting paint, at affordable prices, e1creative paint products have passed laboratory tests to produce many varied and quality colors, colors that provide high resistance to environmental conditions and are cost-effective in use. MM brand paints we produce can paint various kinds of products, with several types of paints. Among them are types of textile paint for painting all products from fabrics, acrylic paint for canvas painting, acrylic paint deco for wood painting, glass paint for glass painting, leather paint for leather painting, silk paint for silk fabric painting, recolour paint shoes for re-coloring shoes, etc.

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Info dan pemesanan cat textile MM : 089637776669

Get our original product only at E1Creative MM CRAFT. Also some of our resellers in the marketplace like Tokopedia, Bukalapak and Shopee. MM painting paints are sent from our production factory and distributed by several agents and resellers. If you are interested in becoming a reseller please contact whatsapp contact this website.

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MM brand paint available in sizes 30ml price 25000. And 60ml price 45000. Many purchases will be discounted, also for resellers will be given a special price. The price is the same for some types of painting paint, for ease of sale, except for metallic and gold or silver colors.

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