Provision of Paints and School Painting Tools in Indonesia

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School Paints and Practice Tools


Proposal for Practice in Painting, T-shirts, Veils, Shoes, Bags, etc. As well as Provision of Equipment Practice Materials for Cultural Arts

We from MM Craft want to offer cooperation in the field of Cultural Arts, especially Kain Painting. We are MSMEs specializing in fabric painting, starting from production, providing training and courses, we also have a Product Package for Cultural Arts Practices in Schools and Textile paint that has been marketed throughout Indonesia.

The collaboration we offer is in the form of:
– Provision of equipment packages for Cultural Arts Practice activities, such as Shirt Painting Packages, Veil Painting Packages, Bag Painting Packages, Shoe Painting Packages, etc.
– Training in Making Fabric Art Crafts for Mothers of Arts and Culture Teachers as well as for Students.

We have experienced working together in organizing training in fabric painting crafts with schools, institutions, etc. The results of our work can be seen on our website: and

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Thus we made this Proposal Letter. With the hope of the establishment of cooperation in the field of Cultural Arts, in order to improve the knowledge and expertise and skills of students. With hope with knowledge and skills that can benefit the future of students.

Fabric painting is a type of craft that processes products from fabric by adding paintings on a variety of fabric-based products. The results of paintings on fabrics are very diverse, such as t-shirts, painting shoes, painting clothes, painting hoods, painting bags, and others. We use the type of MM Textile Paint with international standard quality that is safe for the skin and safe to use for painting for children. Can be used to paint all types of fabrics, shirts, shoes, etc., with the results of fine, flexible, comfortable to wear and will not fade.

The process of making cloth painting is similar to painting canvas or paper in general. That is the process of polishing or sketching, coloring, until drying. But what distinguishes is the media painted and paint used, so it requires special techniques to paint it. Fabric painting produces very interesting products so that the results of fabric painting are in demand by most people.

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Making cloth painting crafts is very exciting, can be used as a leisure time hobby. Making fabric painting crafts is not too difficult. Indeed, some techniques and the results of the painting look complicated and difficult. But all that can be learned. As long as there is willingness, perseverance, patience, patience and enthusiasm to continue to practice and work. Guaranteed anyone can certainly paint on cloth. Even for people who have never painted, they can.

The aims and objectives of this Cloth Painting Art Training and Practice include:
– Introducing the creations of fabric painting
– Spur creativity, imagination and innovation
– Exercise motoric and visualization coordination
– Increase IQ & EQ
– Media expression and free time
– Introduction of business and business opportunities for fabric painting, etc.



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