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shoes painting butterfly design

Slight Shop Shoes Painting

The shoes used to work by painting are usually canvas shoes like the AllStar shoe model. This type of shoe is prevalent and widely known by fans of painting shoes, especially among teenagers or young people. Because the type of AllStar shoes are very comfortable to wear school and daily activities. The design of the picture is very juvenile, even very reflective of active young people, painting motifs such as pictures of cartoon characters or favorite bands, also sometimes the logo of the fans’ football club logos. All of them are casual themed for everyday shoes for young people and teenagers.

In contrast to the work of friends above, this time the type of women’s shoes displayed is more formal and can be used to go to parties or work in an office. More reflects the design for elegant and mature women and beautiful. Very interesting if someone wears these shoes. The design of the painting does look simple, but it has a flow of designs and stories that inspire the creation of this unique painting product.

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The following is a product description of the painting shoes:

My inspiration in making this painting shoe design is the elegance of a butterfly. For me, many things are interesting about butterflies, the movements of their wings are beautiful, soft and flowing, so that the structure of their wings is fragile, smooth and beautiful. I want to capture the elements of my favorite animal and put them in a painting on shoes.

The picture is hand painted with patience by professional painters. Every painting shoe has a different scratch, therefore slight shoes are very exclusive. Customized painted loafer flats are made for young, fashionable and fashionable women.

The design of the drawing makes this painting look unique, different, glamorous and elegant. The color is so beautiful, chic and bright, with a variety of layers of gold. It is good to take a leisurely stroll in the mall, to campus, or party and formal events.

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The material is fine satin with the best quality. Buy these shoes as a gift for your girlfriend, sister, mother, any woman will like it.

From the information above, it reflects the intended target of women who attach great importance to graceful and beautiful appearance. Designed with unique and attractive so that it can be used as a gift or gift for loved ones. It’s very proud to have high quality slighshop products. Thus this review, hopefully it can provide an overview of the slighshop’s work, also can continue to provide inspiration for Indonesian artists.

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shoes painting butterfly design

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