All About Fabric Painting Is Here

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Painting Fabric-Based Products

We strive to meet all the needs for paint and painting equipment. Many are still lacking, but we strive to continue to complement our products with various needs to create crafts and painting in various media. All About Fabric Painting Is Here. Fashion painting, clothes painting, shirt painting, shoe painting, bag painting, denim levis painting, t-shirt paint, shoe paint, levis denim paint, canvas paint, textile paint, cloth paint, airbrush paint, paint airbrush shirt, painting levis jacket, leather painting paint, recolouring shoes or repaint shoes, decoupage glue and lacquer for cloth, wood, glass, etc.

Hopefully we can continue to be consistent in providing painting equipment and paint for craftsmen and artists throughout Indonesia. If there is a need for special painting paint that is not yet widely available in the market, please contact us to consult and find a solution. Indeed, some of our products are produced in collaboration with several artists who help with testing and testing to create high-quality products. The need for quality that we always prioritize to give satisfaction in working.

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Those of you who want to take part in painting training can also be private or collect several people collectively. Learning about painting is a lot of material and techniques, learning to paint until it can. Learning is expected to continue or in several stages that are followed, from basic to advanced material. Or you can also learn just the core technique of painting on cloth to shorten the course time. Hopefully more and more expert artist painters will be created.

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Jangan Ragu Untuk Menghubungi Dan Berkonsultasi Tentang Seni Lukis, Kursus Lukis, Cat Lukis. Informasi jasa lukis, pelatihan dan pemesanan produk, silahkan Untuk Respon Cepat Langsung Kontak telpon atau sms dan whatsapp: IWAN 089637776669 / 081315222883

Painting courses and training are held for private as well as collective groups.

Also provides painting services in various painting media. As for fashion, wall mural paintings, calligraphy, etc. Everything is done by experienced professional artists who are members of our art studio group. Don’t hesitate to contact us and consult about the design and workmanship of the artwork. Hopefully we can fulfill every expectation of your hopes for dream artwork.

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