How Business Opportunities for Painting Fabrics and Prospects for Selling Their Products

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Business Opportunities for Painting Fabrics and Prospects for Selling Products

This question will surely come to our mind when we just see or recognize the name of the field of fabric painting. When you first see the paintings on cloth, you might be fascinated and confused about how to make a decoration like this. Is this really painted? Maybe this is just printing.

Yes, indeed some painters with extraordinary talent are able to produce spectacularly beautiful and good paintings. So we are amazed to see it.

Then what are the business opportunities? What if I am not someone who is talented or even has never painted. How can I be able to run this business.

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Do Not Give Up

Nothing is impossible. Basically, it is only a strong determination to start and consistently work, whatever the results do not give up. Especially for this field of painting, make it a hobby so there is no burden for us to move forward.

We have been teaching fabric painting since the 2000s with hundreds of students probably. Have seen the development of students themselves from time to time. Even some of the students have never painted. But with enthusiasm and determination continue to run this hobby. Until we are proud to see some of the students have made this cloth painting business as an income for the family, even as the main job.

Maybe at the beginning we start to see stiffness in the painting. But along with the many results that we make, it will show the difference in ability and increase in the instinct of his painting. After we start to practice consistently and have produced better works. Then the next step is to start introducing our work as a business. What are the opportunities?

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Large Business Opportunities

Business opportunities in this field include very large and broad scope. Especially for cloth painting, consumers have unlimited age and gender. Customers can start from babies, children, teenagers, adults, to parents, also for women and men.

Even more great is the field of work or products produced can be very diverse. From the categories of fashion, interior, souvenirs, accessories, and so on. For example, the field of fashion is clothes, dresses, blouses, scarves, veils, t-shirts, shoes, etc. The interior can include curtains, tablecloths, pillowcases, bed sheets, gallon covers, refrigerator covers, tissue boxes, etc. Then accessories such as bags, wallets, hats, fans, etc.


Develop Hobbies and Business

The point is to start from our interests, or maybe the business that has been undertaken so far. For example we have been doing business in the field of boutiques can be applied to your design. Also other fields such as accessories makers or can also take a certain age market from children, adolescents, or adults. Lots of opportunities.

If it’s already running and how many orders? While the hands will be overwhelmed to paint themselves. Don’t worry, because we can pay for painting services. Many painters, especially cloth painters, will be happy to help with their work. An example is us from the E1 Creative team or MM Craft who opened fabric painting services.

So you just keep developing the market. So that you are better known as a fabric painting entrepreneur. With a broad market share from the middle to upper classes. You can aim at market targets. Distinguish your work from simple, medium to exclusive painting classes. So that it can create price variations for various groups.

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What About Marketing

At the beginning of starting a business, especially when learning to develop their painting talents, the targeted market is close friends such as family, neighbors, friends who will come from the mouth to introduce you to around our unique hobbies and business.

If you are getting more proficient and you have started to be known among the close as cloth painting craftsmen, then it’s time to develop your wings to introduce to many people. How to? By continuing to develop friendships and colleagues who are getting wider, and multiply getting to know other artists so that we are more creative in doing business.

After the broader network marketing, then maybe this is the time to introduce to wider prospective customers. That is by way of online. Why online? Because online business through the internet will introduce our products more widely throughout Indonesia and even the world. Even online, the costs will be cheaper than advertisements, for example in print. Can with social media like facebook, instagram, tweeter. It can also be with the market place that is easy to download, such as toopedia, bukalapak, shopee, lazada, etc.

So little inspiration can we learn to seriously and diligently start and run this hobby and fabric painting business. Hopefully it will be useful and can further increase our enthusiasm to continue working.

Greetings from the MM Craft and E1 Creative team.

t-shirt painting products gallery

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